Residents Portal

This section is for residents to explore and make their stay more comfortable.

Welcome to our Residents Portal!

There is a guest kitchen and lounge available for you during your stay with refreshments. 

Strictly no smoking or vaping indoors, doing so will incur a minimum fine of €150pp/pc and may result in your reservation being cancelled without refund and fine charged.

We kindly ask that you respect the property and adhere to our guidelines and information notices on the property. 

Please note our staff work between 10:00 to 20:00 each day.

Property quiet hours are from 23:00 - 08:00

Self check in/out, Check in & Check Out.

Checking In

Check in to rooms is from 17:00 - 20:00.

Check in to the common areas and barns is from 14:00. 

Self check in may apply out of hours and will have been emailed or texted to you. 

Checking Out

Check out time is 11:00. 

Please put any rubbish in the relevant bins and wash up any items you used.
On the final morning you can self check yourself out by leaving the keys at the door/tent. 

Self Check in instructions

Please use the main gate code  (you will find this in your self check in email) for entrance to the property using keypad at gate. 

Finding the lock boxes:
Drive down the drive way, to the second set of pillars and collect your keys.

You are in Room/house: x
Code: xxxx

Lock Box Instructions:

Pull the black flap down. Dial in code using dials.
Then pull black button down and the flap will fall/pull down with keys inside (jumble after).
Then go to the main entrance or your tent.

Departure please leave your keys in the tent or your room/house door. 

To use the smart door in main house

Physical Key Fob:

At the door, hold the fob up to the black strip on the door to open, when in pull up handle to lock.
to open from inside simply push the button in and twist the know to open. 

Digital Key:

Please send us your email address where you will then get an invite to use your digital key, create an account on Yale ConxisL1 smart lock app.

Then open the app log in and there you will see the lock, and simply tap the yellow “tap to unlock, tap the black reader on the lock to wake up and then the lock will go green to allow access. 


Please do not place your keys near your phone or any magnets as this may deactivate them, if this happens please contact a member of staff. 

If the digital key does not show up on your app after opening the app, simply go out of the app and re open it.

Room Layouts

House Rooms (May - September)
Room 1: Four single beds
Room 2: Three singles
Room 3: Two Single Bunk Beds
Room 4: Three single beds
Room 5: Three single beds
Room 6: Three singles

House Rooms (October - April)
Room 1: Four single beds + 2 Floor Beds
Room 2: Three singles + 3 Floor Beds
Room 3: Two Single Bunk Beds
Room 4: Three single beds + 3 Floor Beds

Room 5: Three single beds
Room 6: Three singles + 2 Floor Beds

Lounge: + 2 Floor Beds

Note: Rooms, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 can all be made as a king and single set up if requested 1 month before arrival.

Tenting  (May - September)
Nora tent: 2 single beds
Betty tent: 1 super King + 2 single beds
Mary tent: 2 single beds
Rita tent: 1 super King + 2 single beds

Hot Tub, Housekeeping & Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments

Welcome to our exclusive spa experience, designed especially for residents. Immerse yourself in pure relaxation and rejuvenation with our exceptional range of treatments, including:

- Aromatherapy Massage
- Deep Tissue/Swedish Massage
- Lymphatic Drainage/Detox Body Massage
- Indian Head Massage
- Reflexology

To check availability call Pamela on: 087-2623266


Please note we do not offer daily room housekeeping in order to be in line with our sustainability goals.

If the bathrooms need to be refreshed please let the staff know by emailing the office.
If you are using the kitchen please wash up after yourself and leave in a condition you would like to find it.

Housekeeping cupbord

This is located in the downstairs bathroom and has: 

Iron & Board 

Sweeping Brush 


Spare Heaters

Please note heating is operated remotely and is automated for certain hours of the day, if you wish to have it on for certain times please do let us know. 

The Living room stove will be lit on arrival as per a request and starter pack of fuel is provided. 

Outdoor Spa Hot Tub

Guests under 18 years of age, with skin irritations, pregnant are not advised to use the tub.
Please do not bring your technology gadgets into the hot tub.
No guests that are intoxicated are allowed in the tub.
Turn the hot tub dial on, and press the swirly button to activate the jest and press twice to increase the jet power.
Please keep blue chlorine tub and keep tub at 38/40 degrees.

Put cover over when done fill with water if needed.
No Glass or Smoking/Vaping in tub.
We do not accept any liability for any accident or injury in or near the tub.

Please note: The hot tub only operates from April until September inclusive. 

use-full Information for during your stay...

Local Amenities Contact Information.

Click here for Local information on, bus services, local Taxi driver numbers, shops,  emergency services etc...

Local Attractions

Discover all our fabulous local attractions from hidden treasures, historical sites, family fun activities, hiking etc...

Local dining

Take a look at our list of local dining options from: Pubs, cafes, Eateries, restaurants, caterers or even night clubs...


House WIFI: 

Name: Inch House WIFI

Passcode: None

Barn & Glamping:

Name: B628_AD8B

Passcode: aFG2RbDaGde


How to use the Tv’s on the property YouTube help videos are below:

Barn Tv:


Solar Electric Car Charger

To use the charger (located at the car perk entrance), use your own cable and place into the connection and use the code for the charger given to you by the staff.
Charger type: 7 pin, un-theadered solar powered.

More details on sign at the charger. 

Karaoke Machine

Only for entire property rentals. 

To work the karaoke machine, simply hold the power button to turn the machine on.
And then go to the tv YouTube app, here is the link:

If the karaoke machine is cutting out every time you use it, it needs to be charged, please use the charger provided and charge for a minimum of 30 minutes before you use it again. 

You need the connect the tv to the WiFi the barn (video how to do that on the to section). The nextwork is called: B628_
AD8B and the pass code: aFG2RbDaGde


Bathroom is available in the main house as well. Portaloo available beside the barn (red)
House closes at 23:00, there is a temporary bathroom at the entrance to to the Sir Hurt barn.

At night please do close the main flaps on the tent to keep out any rain that may come and put any cushions inside the tent. 
Quiet hours: 23:00 - 09:00
Strictly no smoking in the tent.

Your bed has an electric blanket you can find the dial at the bottom of the bed. 

If there is no electricity in the tent please check the extension lead and press the red button on it and that it is plugged in in the sir hurt barn behind the top table.

Pet Friendly Policy

Pets must be fully house and potty trained.
Pets must be good around other pets.

Must be on a leash at all times outdoors and must be accompanied at all times.
Pets must be under 30kg.
Pets must not be on the dangerous animals list of ireland
Owners accept any damages or injury caused by the pet to IHI property, other staff or other residents.

An additional pet fee applies for the duration of the stay to a max of three days then an additional charge applies.

The Fire Pit

Fire pit can be lit using the fire logs/briquettes and the lighting strip provided, simply just light up the strip.
Please use gloves when handling any firing wood or turf.
Please extinguish the fire when it will be no longer accompanied and before 23:00
(Please advise the host if ashes need to be taken away)
We provide the starter pack, after that you will need to fuel the fire yourselves.

Table Tennis

Please remove the cover by sliding the cover upwards, use the turquoise tabs on the bottom (middle) of the table and press upwards until you see the tabs popping up on top.
Then make sure the clips click the table into place, and either side of the table is steady.
Bats & Balls provided on side of table.
Please do not have any drinks, plates or cigarettes on the table.
When it rains, place the cover back over the folded up table to prevent any water damages.

How to use the Bluetooth sound system.

Only for entire venue rental guests. 

Located around the back of the barn (where karaoke machine is). Press the Bluetooth button on top (should turn blue). Should come up on your mobile phone as HTS-40. Press to connect.


Please respect the barns and there farm nature. 

The lights in the small barn are sensor operated and the lights in the big barn are button operated and dimmable.

No smoking in the big barn, it is okay to smoke in the small barn just not when you are in the hot tub.  Please use ashtrays provided on the pillars of the small barn. 

No confetti on the property. 

Please turn lights and heaters off when not in the barn. 

Barn Heaters

Remote can be found behind the bar, the mode button sets the heat level and the plus and minus are timers, and the off button turns them off, each heater operates separately. 

When not in the barn or either area please turn off heaters to conserve electricity to be in line with our sustainability goals. 

Please note that front and back of the barn heaters can not be on at the same time. 

- The front 6 heaters can all be on at level 2. 

- The back heaters can all be on at level 3. 

No more than 6 heaters can be on over level two at one time.

You can also press the plus or minus button on each heater to put them on a timer and the hour number will be displayed on the heater. 

If all heaters are tuned on at the same time this will cause a power outage in the barn so please abide the above guidleines for barn heaters.

Damages - sample charge list

This is a sample list of damageable items with the associated charges but is not limited to this list and prices may vary depending on the new item cost: 

towel: €15,

bathrobe: €35,

bed sheets: €40,

Glass: €15,

table tennis table: €500, Karaoke machine €250,

Tv: €1.800,

chair: €200,

coffee table €180,

kettle: 80,

Mug/plate/cutlery €15,

smoking fine: €150pp,

lost keys: €50,

leaving barn heaters on over night/when not in barn €200

Damaged carpets €200


Stay Concerns & Complaints Policy

Welcome to Fitz Of Inch, your home away from home! We are committed to ensuring your stay is as seamless and enjoyable as possible within our limits.

Despite our best efforts, we understand that unforeseen issues may arise. We acknowledge that perfection is a goal, not a guarantee, and as humans, we might miss a beat.

To address concerns promptly, we have a simple policy: if we're unaware of an issue, we can't resolve it. If you encounter anything during your stay that requires attention, please inform us within the hour and during our working hours.

By doing so, you enable us to take swift action, potentially enhancing your experience.

However, delays in reporting or not reporting an issue that is important to you may complicate resolution and limit our ability to address the matter.


In the case of a emergency, please call us directly on the number below, please call repeatedly.

Please note this is only a critical emergency line, any other issues please wait until office hours or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Staff & Office Hours: 10:00 - 20:00. 

If no responce call the relevant emergency services.