Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Card Authorisation is taken on all rates and if no incidentals (€300), damages or extras the authorisation is released within 5-7 days after departure and depending on your bank it may take a number of working days more to return into your account.

Please note that our payment system is automated.

Entire House Rentals

FLEXIBLE SELF CATERING RATE (60 DAYS CANCELLATION DEPOSIT): There is a 25% non refundable charge when booking the flexible rate and reminder due 60 days prior to the booking. Any additional guests beyond the number booked will incur an extra charge per person per night. Guests must occupy each room according to the number of guests assigned to that room. If you choose not to utilize the full capacity of a room and instead opt to use additional rooms or spaces, an extra fee will be charged.

Deposits or upfront payments are non-refundable.

Booking terms and condition are subject to change and changes are up to date on our policies page.

Property Policies:

All guests must be over 21 years (no freshers students) of age and have a government issued Identification with them for the duration of the stay and Fitz Of Inch Managment reserves the right to look and copy the ID at any point.

Check In/Out

Check-in time is from 17:00 - 20:00 to the house and rooms and entertainment barns at 14:00 and check out is 11:00.

Self check may apply.

Please note that all outside caterers including these must have full business/personal indemnity insurance.

We require a copy of this to validate.

Accessibility : please inform us if you need a PEEP (View PEEP here) (personal emergency evacuation plan) form, this is for guests who may have mobility difficulties, disability or a visual or hearing impairment.

Please note we do not have a restaurant on site, please see list of alternative local dining options.

If there are any damages caused you card will be charged.

Smoking or vaping is strictly forbidden indoors and carries a minimum fine of €150 per person.

We ask no cooked foods or damaging liquids to be upstairs in the guest rooms, any damages to the property or its furniture/structure may result in a extra fee.

Any card details provided may be charged in the event of a break in house policies or damages.

Guests must refrain from having any personal belongings in the hallways, stairwells, doorways or on the first floor hallways, items include electric bikes, scooters, prams, personal electrical devices or any other item that may block fire exit paths.

All guest must a provide us with there full legal name, mobile phone number and email address 72hr before arrival.

This is part of the terms and conditions when booking with us at Fitz of Inch, this information is used for fire, health and safety and for our link to subscribe to our mailing list if they wish and for a post stay review message.

Electric car charger available on site (please bring your own theathered cable for charging), once car is fully charged it must be parked in the car park to fee up the charging point for other guests, failure to do so will result in your car being clamped.

It is a legal requirement that all Fire, Health and Safety policies , guidelines and signage must be complied with.

All guests information is privileged to the Fitz team and discretion is of upmost importance.

Failure to comply with Fitz of Inch policies may result in your reservation being terminated with no refund.

Fitz of Inch reserves the right to cancel any reservation at any point leading up to the reservation or during without reason (full or partial refund is at the discretion on the property management and management does not have to give reason to the guest) or for the breaking of any house rules or any suspected / illegal activity on the property.

Fitz also reserves the right to check the property at any point under any circumstance without giving a reason to guests and a witness is to be present.

lost property is kept on site for 1 month after check out date and if not claimed will be donated to a local charity.

Refunds :

Fitz reserves the right to refund you in the form of a voucher coupon code in any instance.

Any third party bookings, their own cancellation policy applies.

Note: IHI is not fully wheelchair accessible.

Pet Friendly Policy : (extra charge applies)

Pets must be fully house and potty trained.

Pets must be good around other pets.

Pets must not be allowed to be left on there own at the property.

Must be on a leash at all times outdoors and must be accompanied at all times.

Pets must be under 30kg.

Pets must not be on the dangerous animals list of ireland

Owners accept any damages or injury caused by the pet to IHI property, other staff or other residents.

The Fitz Barn

Barn Space has been designed for your group's entertainment and fun and is only for property rentals. We do ask that you respect the history and nature of the barn and our hard working team . Smoking/vaping is strictly forbidden in this barn and takes a minimum fine of €150 and live flame candles are not allowed. Please no standing on any furniture, climbing or any activity that will cause danger to you or others. The barn is available to fitz guests only, all service/activity providers must have personal and public liability insurance to be working and providing a service or activity at fitz. There is a smart tv and speakers provided to you, please mind your step on the cables. Any decorations put up by guests, must be taken down before departure. Music must stop at 01:00. If heaters are left on when nobody is in the barn/ or over night there is a €250 Fine!

Fitz CCTV:

Our cameras capture live footage and have the capacity of motion detection and recording in the house common areas, barns and property grounds. The cameras a operate 24hrs a day and have a night vision ability. Tampering with these cameras is a legal offence. With our Security/Surveillance/Safety Cameras Fitz may be store any video and Audio footage in a catalogue for a period of 48 months. Fitz reserves the right to hold photographs and videography footage during your time at Fitz an may be given to legal professionals for verification, security or any other relevant business needs. Relevant staff may have access to footage from the cctv/surveillance cameras and the Cctv is monitored and managed by Oxley Security.

Photography/audio/video policy:

By agreeing to our terms and conditions and privacy policy you agree for my photograph, video footage or audio to be taken by Fitz Of Inch staff for use in marketing, PR, website content and Social Media Content. Here are some places the Fitz Of Inch might use it: Social and Digital Media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and any other IHI accounts. Media: National, regional and local media (broadcast, online and print). Publications: Annual reports, employee magazine or policy documents.In order to do this we will need to process and store your information in line with our Data Protection policy which you find fitzofinch.ie Search for privacy Information and click on Data Protection Policy. You can change yo ur mind and withdraw consent for us to process your photograph, audio or video at any time by contacting Fitz Of Inch Management. Your participation is entirely voluntary and there is no obligation on you to give your consent to have your voice or image captured. No fees will be paid to people taking part.

Covid 19:

Any government issued guidelines must be complied with.

By agreeing to our Booking and house policies you are also agreeing to our privacy policy.

By agreeing to our Booking and House Policies you are also agreeing our terms and conditions, you are indemnifying Fitz Of Inch against any accidents or injuries at the property, any injuries must be reported to management and an accident report form must be filled out and is the responsibility of the guest.